Who are Future of Research?

FoR is an international group of passionate young scientists and advocates for smart science policy. Our mission is to improve the scientific research enterprise. To do this, we’re helping junior scientists organise conferences to discuss the problems they perceive with science – and more importantly, possible solutions to fix them. We’re then working on trying to make these solutions a reality, working with and advocating to institutions, science societies, federal agencies and senior scientists to effect change – and to ensure the voices of those who will be scientists* of the future are heard.


Who are FoR Vancouver?

FoR Vancouver represent early-career researchers from across Vancouver and British Columbia, from SFU to UBC to UVic. Current job structures in science, and opportunities for funding, training, and support make careers in research unpredictable and insecure for many of Canada’s most passionate young scientists. However, a more sustainable career environment could secure world-leading science in Canada and BC, which will be vital to deal with health, environmental, agricultural, and economic challenges to come.

These are internationally vital issues. We stand with Future of Research, and Future of Research Canada, to help change the face of science.



FoR Vancouver Symposium 2017

FoRVan are proud to announce our first symposium, inviting early-career researchers form across Vancouver to join the conversation to improve science in Canada and BC. Learn more here.


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